Wonderful Wonderful Practice!

We’ve had several days in a row that have been above 50 degrees….  Feels fantastic.  Golf is in the air!  Had a great practice session yesterday.  Let me define great in this case:  I practiced.  I hit about 90 balls on the range in various drills, and then chipped for about 20 minutes. 

My consistency was marginal on the range, and my distance control with my chipping was poor at best.   Why was it great?  Because I was training.  It was fantastic because I know if I get out there again it will get better and better.  I don’t have to change anything, I just need to stay in the drills and trust my method.  It was great to be out there. 

Let the rust come off not by forcing it, changing things, trying too many things…  Let the rust come off simply by training consistently and systematically!  (Make sure your method is sound and your training efficient)

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