Time for a Little Moe

Moe Norman (I’ve linked you to the best video ever produced on Moe.  I just noticed it is now on Youtube.  I was in the audience when Craig first showed this video and I’ve watched it dozens of times since.  It’s fantastic, and well worth your time. It’s broken down into 6 parts.  I hope you get the chance to watch it, and soak in all you can about this amazing man!) 

His mind was extraordinary.  More than any other golfer, Moe was able to see and create what he wanted to with the golf club and the golf ball. 

Savant?  Autistic?  He was certainly unique!  Here’s a short reply he made to Freddy Couples in the 1990’s: 

“Have you ever actually mis-hit a ball?” Fred Couples once asked Norman, in jest. Norman stopped hitting for a moment and scratched his head.

Yes,” he said softly, as if confessing. “In 1962.”

What’s most fascinating about his reply is that although he hits the ball as consistently as anyone I’ve seen (I was fortunate to see Moe hit on 4-5 occasions), he does not hit every shot dead solid perfect.  He does, however, choose to see the great in every shot

While most of us are complaining about anything and everything we can about our games, the best ball striker in the world is seeing only the good….  Maybe we can learn something from him….

Find something good about the shot you hit, and you can build upon it!  Look for the bad, and you’ll keep finding it! 

*Note:  This post is listed under “mental”  and not under “golf swing”.  Remember that when you watch his video.  It’s about his mind!!!

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