‘Gravity’ Rises

As I was watching golf yesterday, it hit me again how many tour pros have GRAVITY swings.  I’ve heard several people dismiss David Lee as a teacher because he doesn’t work with any of the big name pros (although I’m not sure you can get much bigger than Nicklaus and Trevino….).  Truth is, while most instructors are dinkering around with the aesthetics of the swing, David’s method (the one I endorse completely) is developing swings that tour pros stumble into as kids.  Almost every tour pro has to a large degree, a GRAVITY GOLF SWING.  It might not be 100% gravity like Trevino, Irwin, Couples and Els;  but most are close- and that’s one of the reasons why they are so good!

On the PGA tour yesterday, I was watching D.A. Points, Hunter Mahan, Bryce Molder, Jimmy Walker and Phil Mickelson make great GRAVITY swings…  On the Senior tour leader board were two of the best ‘GRAVITY’ players:  Tom Lehman and Jeff Sluman (and don’t forget Hale Irwin who finished in 6th place at 65 yrs old!). 

Learning to swing in compliance with physics, rather than through mechanical positions, is the way to swing more efficiently.  Tour pros just do it, without understanding how. 

Unfortunately, most golfers learn a muscular based hit, and never come close to what these pros ‘figured out’ somehow….  I strongly suggest you learn the GRAVITY GOLF SWING.  And it just so happens that I know how to teach it! 

*For those of you down in Charleston reading this…..   KEEP DOING THE DRIVER DRILL!!! 

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