It Takes Effort

I finish my “Mental Toughness” seminar by saying that working on the mental may be more difficult than working on your golf swing. 

It really takes effort to change how we habitually think and visualize on the golf course.  It really takes effort to develop a SEE IT, FEEL IT, and TRUST IT mind set. 

By effort I mean time spent preparing your mental game off the course.  I mean time spent during the round “thinking about what you are thinking about….”  I mean time spent after a round evaluating and then preparing for the next round.  And I mean time spent before the round preparing mentally for the upcoming round…. 

It also take serious effort ON THE DRIVING RANGE!  Yup, even the mental should be worked on at the range.  To build a powerful and productive pre shot, mental routine, one must go through the routine (the one I suggest is SEE IT, FEEL IT, TRUST IT) hundreds of times on the range to get the thoughts and images ‘grooved’ or organized in a personal way.  The next step is practicing the routine ON THE COURSE!  Yeah,  you just don’t step up after learning a new swing move and expect to hit it great on the course (well, many do, but it’s a silly concept in terms of learning!).  It takes time and practice to develop new things.  For several rounds, you should be in a ‘practice mode’ with your mental.  You should have very precise goals to accomplish in terms of your routine, how you react to shots, how you organize your thoughts in between shots, etc…  But at this point, you’re still very cerebral about the whole thing….   You may or may not see consistent results….  Keep going and soon the mental will become much more unconscious…. habitual, organized and natural. 

Most golfers try the mental stuff.  Don’t be in that category!  Train your mental!  If you’ve been to one of my seminars, or read any of Dr. Rotella’s books,  you’ve got plenty of information… The challenge is to OWN IT! 

“Do not try.  Do.  -Yoda
How’s that for an ending!  BAM! Yoda….  yeah,  that was good  : )

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