Accelerating Chains Hurt!

Even at the age of forty one I can manage to do some really dumb things….  Even while seemingly in the middle of some “smart” thinking….

We have this gate that has to be locked up each evening at the golf course.  I often walk the beagle over to hole number 8, close the gates and simply lock it up with a chain and a padlock. 

Well, as you know, I often think of physics, specifically the physics of gravity and rotation as it relates to a GRAVITY golf swing.  I grabbed the 2 feet of chain and began twirling it a little and my mind drifted into the wonderful world of circular motion. 

I thought about how efficiently I could wrap the chain around the gate by letting centrifugal force do the work.  Not only that, I imagined that it would really look cool wrapping itself around the pole with it’s own momentum. 

Well all that thinking happened in about 3 seconds or so and way before I realized what would really happen, I started to swing the chain towards the gate….  WOW!

The links about 6 inches from my right hand hit the gate and then the reactions began.  The outside links began accelerating on an arc around the gate.  In an instant (and I can’t recall if I had figured out my error in judgment just before impact, or more likely, after the pain of impact) the chain smashed into the knuckles of my right hand and I can tell you for certain – metal chains hurt when slung on a centrifugal arc!

I was at the same time thrilled with motion of the chain and utterly blown away by my own stupidity!
No bruising or swelling as of this morning….  two fingers are just a little tender. 


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