The Ball Takes off on a Tangent to the Arc

This concept is important in putting, chipping as well as the full swing.  As my mentor, David Lee, often says, “Pete, physics don’t change”.  He’s referring to the fact that many of the same physics concepts will apply to a 3 foot putt as to a 270 yard drive. 

The most efficient swing in golf is a swing with an arc, whether it’s a putt, a chip or a full swing.  Any steering, guiding, or chasing the club down the flight line will collapse the arc and demand compensations to maintain path integrity. 

Watch this swing several times and see if you can begin to see the basic uninterrupted circlurlar motion.  There is a lot of acceleration into the followthrough, and the body gets in the way of the club for a moment, but if you watch several times, I think you’ll begin to see just how circular this great swing is!

Bottom line:  

    In putting, forget about steering the ball into the hole with the putter.  Let it swing on it’s natural arc… The ball will take off on a tangent.  

    In chipping, stop trying to make the ball go straight!  Let your forward pivotal axis rotate (left leg for right handed golfers) and allow that rotation to move the arms and club in a circle around your body.  The ball will take off on a tangent to the arc.  

    In the full swing, as in all swings, an inside out path is natural to the design of the body and the club.  Swing freely in a circle and allow the ball to get in the way of the power of physics (gravity and rotation). 

*If you have an uncontrollable outside in swing…. We need to talk, then get you into the drills! 

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