Carolina Colours Golf Club: Picture #7

Great to look at this very green photo, as the ground here at Carolina Colours is once again covered in snow!

Hole #7- 420yd par 4

The 7th hole has a fairway like a runway.  It’s in theory a simple, straight away hole.  2 things make this hole very interesting to play on a daily basis.  First is the slope of the fairway.  It’s a slightly elevated tee shot for the first 260 yards.  It also slopes gently to the left.  Catch just the right drive and you can get way, way down the fairway, yet often times, the drive just seems to stop, and you’re left with a massive second shot.

The second thing that makes this hole interesting every time I play it is the depth of the green.  Like many others here at Carolina Colours, the green depth can really change the dynamics of the hole!  Weak drive an a back pin, and you’re looking at a second shot of over 200 yards….  Bomb a drive and have a forward pin and it’s conceivable to hit a sand wedge.  You just never know, and it keeps the hole a curiosity to me, and I love that!

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