The Divot Dilemma

The divot is a fascinating and yet frustrating piece of the golf swing puzzle.  The act of TRYING to hit down destroys your chances of swinging with centrifugal force, it destroys your ability to ‘throw’ the ball out towards the target (which is the correct intent…). 

Yet, swinging freely and fully ‘out to the target’, in a circle around your forward pivotal axis makes taking a divot more difficult…..
The Dilemma. 

2 ESSENTIAL skills that seem to work against each other!   In order to create a consistent swing with consistent impact, it’s ESSENTIAL to bump the ground with the bottom of the club head in a very precise location in relation to the ball…..   It is also ESSENTIAL to swing into a FULLY ROTATED, RELAXED BALANCED FINISH in order to create a physics compliant swing, and to give yourself the best chance of creating consistency…..

We want to allow the club to fall as we SLING the arms and club in a circle around our forward pivotal axis.  Centrifugal force and gravity will move the club in a consistent circle through the ball, creating a divot (in most cases) and sending the ball powerfully and consistently off on a tangent to the swing arc….  THE BALL GETS IN THE WAY OF THE SWING!

Trying to swing into the followthru at first often results in a golfer hitting a lot of ‘topped’ shots….  Trying to take a divot, almost always results in a golf NOT finishing in a FULLY ROTATED RELAXED BALANCED FINISH…. 

The challenge is to IMPROVE BOTH SKILLS! 

….. Bump and turn                                             to be continued…….

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