Truth in Humor

“There is no movement in the golf swing that it cannot be made even more difficult by careful study and diligent practice.” ~ Thomas Mulligan

I truly believe that most positional learning/thinking in the golf swing is more destructive than helpful.  Destructive because it often leads a golfer down a never ending path of mechanical thinking.  Destructive because it’s not how the body learns any motor skill, whether it’s walking, riding a bike, tieing your shoes,  throwing a baseball, or even how to perform surgery (a surgeon won’t micro manage his fingers.  He meticulously learns the procedures, and then lets his hands follow intuitively the signals from his mind….). 

Destructive because it tends to lock the golfer up! It very often creates the very tension that is causing most of the swing plane movements in the swing to begin with!

It’s extremely important to understand how the golf swing works, and what destroys a consistent swing.  It’s very important to understand how to train.  Then it’s equally important to let the target and the drills create the swing! 

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