These Guys are Good, But…

Bad shots are part of the game.  They can mean nothing other than you made a bad swing.  They don’t have to mean you need a swing fix!

A goal on the golf course should be to keep trusting your target and your swing throughout the day. Keep trusting YOUR BEST SWING.  Be obsessed with the feeling, understanding, image of your best swing and keep intending to do that. 

Even the best players in the world hit bad shots…. It’s not something that needs to be fixed.  They just need to keep playing. 

Here’s a quote from yesterday’s Hawaiian Open Champion.  Mark is one of the best players in the world: 

“I don’t have too many bogey-free rounds in my career,” Wilson said, “so it’s pretty cool to have two in the same day.”

It’s still cool for tour pro’s to have bogie free rounds, and even those come without hitting every shot well.  Mark had several “saves” after missed greens that kept him from having bogies. 

Great players hit bad shots.  You can expect a few as well, without thinking you need to change your swing, again. 

Message for the day:  Don’t sweat a bad swing.  Keep focusing on your best swing! 

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