Easier Said Than Done

I’m so excited.   My favorite sports consultant, Dr. Rick Jensen, has published a book and I just began to read it.  It’s a great time to read a book by Rick, because I’ve been cooped up inside for the most part of 6 weeks and I’m really itchin to get out and practice and play golf! (and his focus is massively on training)

Dr. Jensen is one of a kind.  I should start off by saying that I have met Rick several times, and have worked with him on occasion so I know and respect him very much.  I’d also say he is incredibly helpful, sincere, nice, etc…. 

Now having said that, most sport psychologists are all positive and warm and fuzzy, yet Rick’s philosophy is basically that you’re not mental, you’re just no good

Instead of taking the easy way out (thinking you’re mental, or need a quick fix), Rick lays out an argument that your skills are more likely low, and by practicing a lot more and with better quality drills, you can become more mentally tough. 

Rick treats his clients with great respect and caring, but he doesn’t sugar coat anything.  Just look at the title of his book:  “Easier Said Than Done ”   I bet his publisher wanted a more positive spin title than that! 

I’m sure I’ll be sharing more on Mental Toughness and Training in the next few weeks. 

“If you want to play great golf, you must first stop–stop trying to buy a game, stop searching for quick fixes, and stop calling yourself a ‘choker’.  The fact is most golfers aren’t good enough to choke.  Once you know what tour players know–the 12 truths–then you’ll be able to lower your scores once and for all”  -Rick Jensen

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