Love Me Some Divot!

Hard to watch Kevin Na play over the weekend.  I really feel for him….  Hope he’s able to get the muscular tension out of his arms and get back to Heaving and turning….. WITHOUT THINKING!!! 

Fun for me to hit balls a couple days in a row, play a round, and even watch a little bit of the Player’s Championship this weekend.  I’ve been pretty much full throttle these past 3 months……

So I took advantage of a nice light rain and went out and hit some balls….  I started with a quick DRIVER DRILL off the mats at Snee Farm (Man, I love those driver drill mats!!!), and then I began hitting some irons off the grass….

The swing was really feeling pretty good and my attention began to focus on THE DIVOT… That wonderful feeling of compressing the ball against the club and ground, effortlessly slicing a strip of turf at and beyond where the ball once lay.

It’s a sensation that is tough to describe!  Love me some divot!!!

As a young golfer, I struggled to hit the ground…. Like many, I tried to keep my head down and was unaware of how damaging that was to my swing…. In my attempt to try to stay down, my body HAD TO LIFT UP to prevent the club from crashing into the ground way too soon.  Proper divots were a world away at that point….

As an improved golfer, I began to try really hard to take a divot.  I used my arms to STRIKE the ball and the ground.  The results were better, but massively erratic compared to the best way to take a divot. 

It took many years to learn that it’s chaotic and erratic to FORCE A DIVOT!  A divot is really important in a sound golf swing, but trying to MAKE IT HAPPEN will cause path disruptions that will add inconsistencies to your game…..

Gravity Golf taught me to ALLOW A DIVOT.  The natural forces of gravity will bring the club down… The centrifugal forces created by rotation will pull the club slightly outward (downward, making the arms slightly longer at impact than address…).  The rotation of the arms and club around the forward pivotal axis (forward leg) will also move the club forward.  Let gravity meet rotation and you’ll create wonderful divots with all your irons!  You’ll more consistently bump the ground, compressing the ball at the same moment.  That feeling is worth working for.  

Lesson:  Allow the arms to fall.  Rotate into a full finish.  Know that a divot SHOULD happen.  Allow the club to bump the ground.  Improve the skill of allowing it to happen as you turn through the ball.

*In the next blog, I’ll talk about the great challenge of BUMPING THE GROUND and FINISHING IN BALANCE.   


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