Snow on the Brain

Since Christmas Eve, I’ve been thinking a lot about snow.  I was up in New England watching the forecast very carefully to see if there would be a safe time to head back down south.  By Christmas afternoon, it became evident that unless we left Christmas morning, we would most likely run into some bad weather somewhere on the trip… 

Our next decision was to go to my brother’s house in Tolland, CT and ride out the storm….  Sunday and Monday we watched a crazy storm blow full out for about 24 hours!  Tuesday we drove 12 hours back to New Bern watching the snow levels as they went from over 2 feet up in New Jersey to just about nothing in Washington D.C. and then back to 6+ inches in Northern North Carolina! 

Wednesday I woke up and came to Carolina Colours to catch up with life at the course and to assess the snow situation.  Since then, I’ve been watching snow, willing it to melt!

The downside for you all is that you have to listen to me talk about snow, cause I haven’t given any thought to golf in about a week! 

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