Carolina Colours: Picture #4

Hole #4- 370yd par 4

I like this photo because it gives you a glimpse of the tee boxes at Carolina Colours Golf Club.  Bill love designed lots of large “L’s” for tee boxes, and it not only looks cool, it offers great variety in the tee placements.

OK,  Hole number 4 is not long, but it can be intimidating.  The ravine you see in in this picture looks menacing, but for most golfers playing the right tee box, it’s really no problem to carry with a solidly struck shot.  You can be aggressive on this hole and hit driver over the right side fairway bunker, leaving you with a flip wedge to the green.  I recommend a 3-wood or hybrid, because shots hit left run out of real estate more quickly than it looks. 

Here’s a better look at the landing area and green:

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