Roll the Forearms, don’t Flip the Wrists!

I like to discuss rolling forearms to help a golfer square and close the club face through impact.  I do not like to hear people talk about flipping the wrists, I enjoy watching people “flip” their wrists incorrectly even less!

There are certainly some complex movements happening in the wrist area during the golf swing, but I believe a nice and simple image/feel is to let the forearms roll.  Place your right hand palm up on a table with your forearm parallel to the floor.  now simple roll your forearm and hand towards the left until your palm is touching the table. 

That’s the motion that is compliant with the physiology of the body (for a right handed golfer).  That’s the motion that freely squares the club face in the downswing. 

I’d love slicers to give me 50-100 rolls from each arm every day while they are on the computer, or watching TV, or out playing golf!  Over train, and you’ll learn faster. 

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