Carolina Colours: Picture #3

Hole #3- 540yd par 5.  Love this hole!  Love all the par 5’s on this course!!  The 3rd hole is a double dogleg.  The tee shot should fit in between the two bunkers you see in the picture.  If you really blast one, you may be able to carry the bunker on the left and have a great angle to attack the hole in two.  The hole really becomes interesting when you hit a mediocre tee shot.  There is a large ravine that runs across the fairway that makes you really think hard before hitting your second shot.  Laying up short leaves you with over 160 yards into the green, but taking it over the ravine pretty much means that you must strike your shot solidly.  Thin, heeled, toed, even sliced shots will most likely end up in disaster.  Fun hole because most often the medium length ball striker should have a realistic chance for birdie.  Hit a poor drive, and I highly recommend taking your medicine and laying up.  Big numbers can happen fast on this hole if you get greedy.   

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