Out with the Bad, by Working on the Good

Your brain is constantly attempting to help you hit the ball and move it in the direction you wish.  Due to all the perception flaws which translate into swing flaws, the brain is in constant overload trying to compensate for catastrophic errors in your technique. 

Sounds like such holiday joy!

Good news is that the more you begin to comply to the laws of physics (using gravity and rotation), the less compensations you need to make!  As you begin to train the body to have limp arms, and a rotating core around a single axis (forward pivotal axis), you’re brain can begin to quiet down and focus on more important things than trying to prevent disaster (with chaotic results). 

Work on gravity and rotation, and over time, tons of small compensations will begin to disappear.  The swing will smooth itself out over time as you comply with physics….  Really cool stuff. 

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