The Christmas Heave

I’m wishing that we all get a better HEAVE for Christmas!  Learning, training and mastering the takeaway is one of the master keys to a lifetime of consistent golf swings. 

“The HEAVE (say it with me friends!) is a powerful move from the back that throws the tension out of the arms with sufficient force to sustain the swing.” 

The HEAVE is powerful enough to move the heavy arms and club (did you know that the arms of an adult male weight approximately 20+lbs?) into a swing.  By the first 1-2 feet, the HEAVE creates enough momentum to sustain the swing.  David  calls this the point of first release (all tension can leave the back, shoulders and arms). 

See if you can sense the first release in Jack’s swing (The deeper you are into the Gravity Golf System, the easier this will be to sense).  Notice the tension in his arms just before takeaway… He HEAVES and then you can hopefully sense that the arms and back release their tension and the back, arms, and club simply float to the end of the back swing… Check it out

Almost every golfer on the planet uses their arms to move their arms.  Most if not all are doomed from the start. 

There are a host of reasons why the HEAVE is a difficult thing to comprehend and accomplish.  It’s also one of the major reasons why so very few golfers ever reach the elite stage of “effortless” golf. 

see Ernie Els

So my Christmas wish for you is that you learn to get the tension out of your back and shoulders…. That you release the tension from your arms….  That you create enough force so that your body can not only float to the completion of the backswing, but also fall back into the forward pivotal axis, counterfall, then pivot freely, fully and level into a fully rotated relaxed balanced finish. 

*I hear that Santa will be happy to give out books, DVD’s, and Gift Certificates for lessons! If he’s tied up, you can contact me! 

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