Benefits of Turning Level

Path integrity is influenced by physics, geometry, physiology and neurology.  Simple, really.  So is walking or riding a bike!

To allow the swing to move on the correct path, one element that is critical is a swing axis that remains level, rather than moving up and down.  At address, the top of your head is at a certain location in space.  During the swing, we don’t want that location to move upward.  If you add height to your swing during the swing, you must make manipulations to “find” the golf ball….  This is highly chaotic in terms of consistency.

So turning level is a better way to think about your swing.  You certainly don’t want your body getting stuck or fixed in the swing while you “look at the ball”.  You would much rather keep your level as you TURN INTO YOUR FULLY ROTATED RELAXED BALANCED FINISH. 

So every time you have an urge to say “keep your head down”, I want you to say, “turn level.”

The image is of a golf swing that keeps it’s spine angle through the hitting area and also has a full turn around the forward pivotal axis. 

You finish like Freddy

P.S.  Coop, when I hit spell check today something happened that’s never happened before!!!!  I spelled physics, physiology and neurology correct on my first attempt!  Even old pros can learn.  Made my day.

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