George Connor is an exeptional teacher.  Two things stand out when I think about George and his teaching:

1.  He’s always learning!  He’s into everything and constantly expanding his knowledge.

2.  He cares. 

I’ve known George for 20+ yrs…. He was my first boss when we were both new in the business.  Ask him about “fan ball” at Keney Golf Course if you ever get the chance to meet him.  Don’t mention the stolen TV incident…..

Anyway, George is currently the Director of Instruction at Academy of Golf at Gillette Ridge in the Hartford, CT area.

Today I want to give you a link to his blog – George’s Blog 

Check out his blog and his website ( )and by all means, MAKE COMMENTS!  Us/We? (Coop, I need help on that one) teachers love questions, comments, debates, etc…. 

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