Carolina Colours: Pictures #17

Hole #17,525yd par 5 dogleg right  

This hole is so cool, I’m going to post a couple more pictures below so you can really get a feel for it.  It begins with an opportunity to just pound your driver.  There are a nest of bunkers you can see from the tee box which really run up the center of the hole.  It’s one of those tee shots where the carry over the bunkers should be tempting for most golfers (depending on skill level and the tee box you choose).  It’s about a 250 yard carry (up hill) from the tees I play.  I know I can carry with a solidly struck shot…. I also look out and see a fairway that appears to be 150 yards wide!!!!!  It’s a total green light tee shot. 

If you hit it perfect, just right of center, it’s a very reachable par 5.  There’s some nasty junk on the right so you may want to bail out and smash it to the left….  If you hit it dead perfect, and dead straight, there’s a chance you could bounce into a pot bunker about 270yds off the tee….

Now the fun begins:

Your second shot offers many options.  2 poplar trees stand about 70 yards short of the green, seemingly right in the damn middle of the fairway.  A lay up must be strategically hit to have an easy third shot.  You must hit it hard and left to get past the two trees, or lay up pretty far short to the right….  It really makes you think!  I love it. 

The other option after a good drive is to go for the green.  You might have to work it one way or the other depending on where the pin is, but it’s a fun shot into a massive green.

Here’s a view from behind the green.  You’re tee shot would land somewhere back behind where the flag is.  Can you tell from this picture how the poplar trees come into play?  It may be the best of a group of great holes on this back nine!

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