Happy Thanksgiving.  Hope you enjoyed the day as much as I did.  My wife and dog were in town which is just fantastic!  We hung out with our new friends in the Carolina Colours community, had a nice dinner and over all just enjoyed the day. 

OK, let’s talk about sandbaggers…..  I hear so many golfers talking about working their handicaps up just so they can compete in tournaments….  I just don’t get that.  I know that in many cases, the guys that are sandbagging(cheating) will walk away with the prizes, but why give away your integrity for a prize or some money?  Here’s a great quote I just read (Thanks for sending along the article, Leon)

“it amuses me that fellows who regularly rail against the welfare system should rely on what amounts to a handout system when they play golf.” -Robert Carney

Here’s the link so you can read the whole article.

Final Thought:  The handicap system was brilliantly brought about so that in golf, unlike almost any other sport, competitors of varying skill levels could compete against one another.  As soon as you begin to “work” your handicap, the entire system collapses.  YOU’RE CHEATING YOURSELF, aren’t you?  What kind of pride can you take in beating someone because you “gamed the system”…. ?  Don’t you see that you didn’t really beat them?

…. I shake my head

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