Feeling At Ease

One of the best results of training in the  GRAVITY GOLF drills is that I have great confidence in my swing, even though I’ve been away from the practice tee for over 4 months.  Golf is difficult, so I may or may not play stellar golf when I tee it up, but I’m never worried about being totally lost on the course.  I think back to my pre-gravity days and how I would practice and play after even just a few days off….  It was a joke!  I always felt like I was starting over.  I’d search and hope on the range, and the golf course experience was more often than not a disaster!  

Now most golfers and instructors spend their entire golfing lives like I used to, so most have no idea of what’s possible.  It’s something that must be discovered on your own, through consistent and systematic training IN THE GRAVITY DRILLS!  
Master them, no matter how long it takes.  

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