More on Thumping


Most amateurs use their arms to move their arms and it often becomes extremely destructive to their short games.  How many golfers out there (even good players) struggle with impact on small shots?  The simple reason is HAND AND ARM MANIPULATIONS, rather than using GRAVITY and ROTATION!

The arms and club will fall every time due to gravity.  This statement simply says that it takes no effort to bring the club down into the golf ball, even on tight lies.  If you know the club will THUMP the ground on all swings, it becomes a matter of training your THUMP to come in the right spot (the best way to do this is with ROTATION around the forward pivotal axis). 


Here’s the best part.  THE FEEDBACK IS VERY CLEAR WHEN YOU TRAIN!  If you don’t bump/thump the ground on a chip or pitch, you KNOW that you used your arms too much!!!!  Every practice swing you make should nudge you closer to the EFFORTLESS swing you are looking for. 

Swing the arms, turn the body.  Let GRAVITY MEET ROTATION. 

Tight lies on dormant grass are coming soon!!! Get out there and work on this so you’ll be prepared. 

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