Hierarchy of Essential Skills, part II



A target will create A swing.  I content that the correct target will build a free flowing and very natural swing.  If your intention is to freely throw the club out to the real target (through the golf ball), we will naturally flow into fully rotated, relaxed balance onto our forward pivotal axis.  We will naturally hit a small draw due the circular motion of the throw. 


BALANCE, IMPACT, and BALL FLIGHT control can be a natural progression as you train towards the correct target (DO NOT STEER OR GUIDE TO THAT TARGET!). 


Here’s the hierarchy.  Without the correct TARGET, you can never create a natural and physics compliant swing.  Without fully rotated, relaxed BALANCE around the forward pivotal axis, the skill of IMPACT will always be conditional to coordination, compensation, and luck.  Without a high skill of IMPACT, BALL FLIGHT control is all but impossible. 


You see, TARGET and BALANCE are the platform from which IMPACT and BALL FLIGHT can build and improve


Most golfers focus on IMPACT and BALL FLIGHT while they train, almost guaranteeing that they change their TARGET in response…. A change in TARGET, by definition, changes the swing and therefore changes the balance position at the end of the swing.  So by focusing on “fixing” your last shot, you most likely destroy your chances of building a physics compliant swing!!!


Here’s what I strongly suggest.  On every swing, set up to the REAL TARGET and intend on swinging through the ball and out to that TARGET.  Really notice whether you freely swung out there, or if you felt yourself steering, guiding, or trying to strike at the ball….. This can teach you a ton if you are honest!


Next, as a result of the free swing out to the TARGET, really pay attention to your BALANCE at the end of the swing.  Were you fully turned?  Was all your weight on the forward leg?  Were you relaxed and balanced?  This is far more critical to the long term improvement of your game than the results of your shot based on IMPACT and BALL FLIGHT! 


The challenge is to not let the emotional drama of a bad shot get in the way of MASTERING the first two essentials! 

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