Pardon the Interuption….

Just noticed it’s been 9 days since my last blog!  Yikes.  My apologies.  Most of you know by now that things have changed pretty drastically for me in the last 7 days…. 

My apologies for the break in the blog.  Think of it as a great time to go to and REVIEW!!!!

Every year, Nicklaus would spend time with Jack Grout, and then later in his career with Jim Flick reviewing his grip, stance, posture and alignment…. 

Some of my best posts were written in the first few months of this blog.  Hope you take a few minutes to get a refresher!  I’ll be back. 

Have any questions?  Comments?  Please send them along, it will definitely help me to get back to writing.  Thanks,

*One week ago I accepted the position of Director of Golf at 2 clubs in Mt. Pleasant, SC- Snee Farm and Rivertowne.  Though I’m extremely excited for my upcoming opportunity, I’m also very sad to be leaving Carolina Colours Golf Club.  Great community, terrific staff and employers, and an awesome golf course.  We were a great fit and I truly loved my time here as Head professional.  I’ve got a few more weeks here in New Bern, NC to wrap things up.  My mind will be deep into organizing things up here as well as planning my new adventures down in Charleston!

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