Hitting Out of the Rough


We’ve got some nasty rough at Carolina Colours… Some of the members are calling it “Velcro” as it tends to really grab and almost stick to the club.  To make matters worse, underneath the rough is hard ground…. I mean hard, like cured clay in a gazillion degree oven. 


It’s a new course thing… As the rough ages and continues to grow, it will soften.  Thatch will begin to form underneath and golf life will go back to normal.  The key to hitting out of this rough, or any rough, is TURNING THROUGH THE SHOT.  Rotation around the forward pivotal axis allows the club to move forward and level.  Any attempt to swing down at, destroys rotation, and the arms can only move the club down and up, so you’ll either get stuck in the rough, or with our hard ground, bounce back up and into the ball… 


Most golfers are trying to be still on short shots. This is killer number one.  Most golfers are trying to muscle the ball out of the rough with their arms (arm tension downward destroys pivotal rotation)… this is killer number 2.  Let the heavy arms fall (did you know that the arms of an adult male weigh close to 30 lbs!!?) and simply turn your mass around the forward leg.  The rough is no match for connected foot pounds at impact! 


Afraid you’ll hit it too far?  We’ll get out and practice the fall of the arms, and the turn of the body!  Realize that tour professionals have a complete rotational followthru of the hips on shots over 30 yards.  If VJ Singh, former bouncer, can hit soft shots out of the rough with a fully rotated followthru, I’m sure you can too! 





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