Swinging at 80%


This is one of those sayings that lingers around the golf world, but is seriously mis-understood.  So many golfers, me included for many years, falsely believe that if they could just swing easy, they would play better golf.  They use Freddy and Ernie as examples of the 80% theory.  Then they incorrectly try to take something off their swings, usually by decelerating!!! 


Be very clear on this fact:  Freddy and Ernie swing to move the ball as far as they can!  They just have a better perception of power than most golfers…. This is important because golf courses are long!  The instinct to move the ball far is very strong as it should be…  The key is to learn how to be more efficient in your swing, not to swing less hard….  Freddy and Ernie use gravity and rotation to a higher degree than most, and learning how to tap into that is the key to more powerful and accurate shots! 


And it just so happens I know exactly how to help you develop such a swing!


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