Meeting the Designer, Bill Love

Met Bill Love yesterday, the course designer of Carolina Colours.  Always a real pleasure meeting someone totally passionate about their expertise.  Saturday was also our opening tournament for property owners and members for the full 18 holes.  Great day! 

Bill discussed two things I thought could be helpful.  1.  playing from the right set of tees.  It’s not just about skill level.  It’s about distance and shot dispersion.  Play from the wrong tees and design features of a golf course can wreak havoc on your shots.  Play from the right set of tees and you can hit marginal shots to different areas and “manage” your game just fine.  2.  Managing a golf course.  Bill takes a lot of pride in building a course that takes time and effort to figure out.  Most courses are designed in a manner in which you can get around in the number of shots you would like, if you play a THINKING MAN’S GAME.  Bill’s a thinker, and he likes to figure out ways to make par, or bogie, by playing a hole a certain way.  I suggest you take a look at your course and begin to figure out the possibilities.  You’ll have fun attempting your new strategy, and it’s very rewarding to shoot consistently good scores by playing SMART golf. 

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