Carolina Colours: Picture #13

Hole 13, 400+ yd par 4.  

I can’t wait to play this hole as a par 4.  It’s a beast!  Right now, we are playing it as a temporary par 3 and it’s still a great hole.  This shot is taken from about 160 yard out.  I’m standing on a temporary tee and if you look closely, you can see another in the lower portion of this photo.  Often times when you hear “temporary” in regards to a hole, it really takes away from your experience at a golf course.  We are fortunate to have a temporary par 3 that is as strong as any of the other holes on the golf course.  The green is huge and the bunkers frame the hole beautifully.  More dramatically, you’ve just come over an impressive bridge that takes you into a deeply wooded area, and all traces of the community disappear.   This is the beginning of the best stretch of holes on the course! 

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