Opening of the Back Nine!

Today we open the back nine at Carolina Colours!  Yesterday, the owner, the GM, the Superintendent, and myself played the back nine to check things out.  Some of the fairways are a bit rough in terms of grass coverage.  They are definitely a bit bumpy.  You can, however, always find a decent lie close by, so I thought there was no problem with the fairways….

THE GOLF COURSE IS FANTASTIC!  It’s one of the best 9 holes I’ve played.  There is a great variety of holes and the holes are framed in a way that looks great to my eye in terms of shot shapes.  The bunkers and the greens are in great shape and it’s one of those courses that keeps getting better each hole you play!  It was a very exciting day, and I look forward to the members, who have waited for so long, being able to play.  I have no doubt they will be more than satisfied with the layout. 

Pictures will be along shortly.  I didn’t want to take any until the flags were in the greens….  Golf photos just don’t look right without a flag stick! 

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