How do you hit it far, if you don’t use muscle?

I’m glad I asked!  You use gravity and counter force.  Gravity falls at an accelerated rate of 32 feet per second, per second….  Your arms fall about 3 feet in a golf swing.  That’s serious acceleration!  Now add counter force and you can murder the ball.  As the body falls (gravity) into the forward leg it will also deflect backwards creating a counter force (We call it counterfall) to the weight of the arms.  When done correctly, the counterfall not only keeps a golfer in perfect equilibrium, it also begins effortless rotation which whip slings all your mass into and through the golf ball.  If it all matches, you’ll end up in perfect balance at the end of your swing, like Freddy Couples. 


The same thing can be seen in a field goal kicker.  Notice how they use counter balance when they lean way back before delivering their heavy leg rotationally through the football…  Then watch how they finish in fully rotational balance, standing straight up on their forward pivotal axis. 


Complying with physics is not only powerful, it is far more predictable!

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