The Club is Left Behind

I try very hard when I teach to not offer too much advice on specific things to ‘feel’.  The human body and mind are so diverse, trying to tell someone what to feel in a golf swing is wishful thinking at best, destructive in many cases……

Having said that, I’m now going to attempt to discuss a Bobby Jones quote that relates to the golf swing.  In an all out effort, similar to asking someone to NOT think about a PINK ELEPHANT, I’m going to ask you all to not make too big a deal over what Bobby Jones felt in his swing. 

Understand it- Yes.  No big deal if you never feel what Bobby Jones felt, YOU ARE NOT HIM!  The key is to understand and train in a manner that makes his statement a reality in your golf swing, regardless of individual feel! 

“The all important feel which I experience as the swing changes direction is that I have the distinct feeling that I have l left the club behind as I start forward.”  
                                -Bobby Jones

Bobby Jones sensed that the arms and club were continuing back due to MOMENTUM created in THE HEAVE.  There was little to no tension in his arms and shoulders and the body was naturally falling, or beginning the forward motion of the swing before his arms and club ran out of momentum in the downswing. 

In throwing sports (golf is better perceived as a throw than a strike at….) there is always forward motion of the body while the arm or leg is still moving back.  We do this without any thought in other sports!  I think it is pretty clear from the above pictures that these athletes are ‘LEAVING THEIR ARMS/RACQUET/CLUB behind as they fall and rotate forward

Unfortunately in golf, almost everyone BEGINS THE DOWNSWING WITH THE SHOULDERS, ARMS AND BODY….  

The Gravity Golf Concept makes very clear that the tension is tossed out of the arms early in the swing (THE HEAVE).  It also recognizes that the takeaway (HEAVE) or core turn into the backswing begins the downswing!  The downswing actually begins fairly early in the motion of sport.  Think about a baseball pitcher or a field goal kicker for a moment.  How about a Tennis server?   It’s pretty easy to visualize that athletes move forward with their bodies early in ‘the backswing’.  They throw their arms or leg back AS THEY BEGIN TO FALL FORWARD. 


Golf is no different.  (Just harder to see.  perhaps you can sense that Hogan is falling back towards the target in the picture on the left…….)

Understand this.  Keep working on getting ALL  the tension out of the arms and shoulders early in the backswing.  Move the ball far and forward with YOUR FOLLOWTHRU, NOT YOUR ARM MUSCLES! 

*OK, go ahead and hit a few balls trying to feel the club being ‘left behind’.  If it feels wonderful for you in a few swings, great…. The rest of you, please FORGET about trying to FEEL that and just keep doing your drills!  It will happen to you.  You will create your own feel that will be perfectly suited to……  wait for it……… YOU!  

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