Clarity is a Major

0 for 1 on our first attempt at waterfall viewing on the Blueridge Parkway

The body responds.  It responds to very clear and confident images, feeling, sensations and directions…. It also responds to foggy images, feelings, sensations and directions.  Truth is, and I don’t think this is a tough thing for any of us to comprehend, the body responds far more predictably and consistently to clear direction!

It’s so easy to step on a tee box and not feel confident about an upcoming shot.  It’s very easy to be unsure of how you may hit the shot…. Right, left, fat, thin, etc….

It’s easy, but it’s destructive! 

Do your best to be very clear on what you want to happen.  Be very clear on the swing you would like to make!  It’s no guarantee, but it certainly ups your odds!  Be decisive and clear. 

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