I’ve Preferred My Lie

I left New Bern on Thursday afternoon.  I got away from the storm that eventually dropped more than 14 inches on Carolina Colours….  I’ve preferred my lie to Saluda, NC for the weekend.  Altitude 2100 ft.  High and dry!

So on day three of the Ryder Cup, I’m still watching re-runs of ‘sessions 1 & 2′ as the rain is halting play even on the British Isles….
Here’s an observation that always makes me smirk.  When tour pro’s are able to lift, clean and place due to wet weather… THEY ALWAYS DO.  Not only do they clean their ball on EVERY shot, then painstakingly look for a perfect lie to place the ball.  They are certainly good enough to hit out of marginal lies, but in my opinion, one of the things that makes them that much better is that they give themselves the best opportunity possible to hit a great shot when the rules of golf permit it! 
I smirk because so often I see amateur golfers play the ball down when a course is playing preferred lies, or winter rules.  They often say that it’s how golf should be played or that it doesn’t really matter, and I smirk because they are wrong.  
You’ll not only be playing within the rules, you’ll actually improve your game!  

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