The course has been closed all week, and the rain just keeps coming.  On the bright side, I am way more confident in my marking of the golf course.  Rivers, creeks, and drainage areas are now easy to see (and hear) in many of the deeply wooded and grassed areas. 

A glimpse into the mind of a golf nut:  As a golfer,  I love a little rain!  An extended light rain scares away all but the crazies, and leaves the golf course wide open for play!  You can play fast, you can play in total solitude, and I just love that!!  Even without actually playing, I had a blast on Monday marking the golf course in the rain…. 

As a golfer, a lot of rain is torture!  Now it’s pretty much rained for 4 straight days…. No golf is being played at Carolina Colours.  Now I just look out at this beautiful and empty course and I know there’s no chance to get out there.  Crap. 


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