Congratulation, Jim Furyk!

Jim won the Fed Ex Cup, and I couldn’t be happier for him.   I was really bothered by the raw deal he got a few weeks before when he overslept for a pro-am and was subsequently disqualified from that weeks tournament (the first week of the Fed Ex Cup Playoffs).  I completely understand the tours thinking behind punishing tour players for not showing up to a pro-am.  I also think disqualification is an overly harsh punishment that will be changed (and it may have already been changed after the fact).  Warn them, fine them, then DQ if necessary….. 

Anyway, more importantly, we see another example of overcoming obstacles!  We see someone getting tossed a bad deal only to come out on top in the end!  I love it! 

Minimum whining, maximum focus and determination. 

….. And of course Jim has one of the best GRAVITY GOLF swings of all time!  Have you picked up the greatness of his motion yet?  Can you tell that he slings his arms with his counterfall and pivot?  Awesome!

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