Talent Is Overrated

“The best methods of development are built around a central principle:  They’re meant to stretch the individual beyond his or her current abilities.  That may sound obvious, but most of us don’t do it in the activities we think of as practice..  At the driving range, most of us are just doing what we’ve done before and hoping to maintain the level of performance that we probably reached long ago.” -Geoff Covin, Talent Is Overrated

Geoff has written an entire book discussing the fact that great performers aren’t born, but rather they train harder and more “deliberately” over many years.

That’s great news for golfers everywhere!  Either begin practicing better and more, or in the case of so many of my students at Snee Farm, JUST KEEP ON DOING WHAT YOUR DOING!!! 

Both Gravity Drills and my Over training drills (go a mile to get an inch) are designed to stretch your capabilities.  Do your best to avoid complacency and fall back into just hitting regular old golf shots…  It just doesn’t work very well. 

*What’s an Over Training Drill?  Go back into my blog entries and check it out!  They are awesome. 

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