Me Human, Me Dope

Every morning I walk into my closet and flip a light switch that isn’t there….  What a dope.

I ring in a charge at the cash register and more often than not I place the tickets to the left of me, and make a big mess on the counter….   Sloppy!

I forget something in my car and walk 100 yards out to it only to discover it’s locked, and my keys are in the pro shop!!!  How can I be so forgetful??!!!

That’s the genius of the human brain at work!  I’m glad I can laugh at my self a lot (or I guess I’d be one grumpy grump with as many goof ups as I have on a given day!). 

You see, the brain SEEKS efficiency.  For 4 years in Charleston, I had a light switch in my closet, we stacked our tickets to my left at Snee Farm CC, and I never locked my doors at the club!  Those things became habitual, so I could use my brain for more important things….  (For example; what silly drill will I make someone do today???)

The even greater thing about the brain is that I don’t need to get all frazzled and think real hard, write notes, yell at myself, or see a light switch guru!!!  All I need is time.  My task is right in front of me:

-Flip switch on outside of closet wall
-Register tickets belong on shelf behind me
-Bring keys to car

As long as the task is clear, my brain will adapt and soon I’ll be smoothly turning on the closet light with no trouble at all!!!

Be patient with the drills in golf.  It takes as much or more time to get rid of the old habits as it does to hone the new ones…   Just know that if the task is CLEAR, the brain and body will adapt.  The drills make the task EXTREMELY CLEAR.  Just keep intending to hit a solid draw to your target….  Life will take care of the rest! 

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