Welcome To Carolina Colours!

I left Mt. Pleasant at about 1pm on Sunday afternoon.  I’ve been away from the internet since…  It’s amazing how much I rely on the web for my daily connections to life! 

Bit ironic that I have to go to something so fabricated and technical to feel connected to other humans…. 

Anyway, Matt and I arrived at my new digs at around 6pm and were surprised by over a dozen members of Carolina Colours and the community who were there to help us unpack.  BAM!  Yup, just like a batman uppercut, they had the whole truck emptied and upstairs in less than a 1/2 hour.   My head was spinning, and I was a bit overwhelmed by the hospitality!  I’ve heard about it a lot since I first came up to New Bern, and all the hype about a family atmosphere was not overstated!  THANK YOU all who helped out.  I look forward to getting to know all of you in the coming months…. 

I pretty much unpacked most of what I need yesterday, and today I have one more day to kind of get settled in before I jump in with both feet as Head Professional at Carolina Colours. 

My blogs might run a bit astray from improving your golf for a week or so as I try to acclimate myself to my new world, but I promise a whole bucket load of good stuff coming down the road.  As always, if you have any particular questions, comments, or thoughts, either email them to me, or post a comment on this site! 

I’m fired up! 

….OK, enough comments about Hurricane Earl sending me a big welcome!!!  Another Yikes!

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