Throw Out The Junk!

comments about clutter!  Thanks, 

to thank Bonnie for giving me the idea for this one! 

got a ton of stuff in my house that I just don’t use, need or want.
Some of it is nice stuff, some of it is pure junk.  I can’t tell
you how liberating it is to go through it and PURGE!  Sometimes
it’s even more satisfying to get rid of the nice stuff (donating or
selling) that I simply no longer use…

And that brings me to
golf!  Let’s clean out the brain.  I’m convinced that most
golfers have way too much information about the golf swing crammed
into their brains.  Worst of all, we are avid collectors of more
golf junk!

My suggestion is to have a method, and stick to
that method.  Answer all you golf questions within that system
of learning.  THROW OUT ALL THE OTHER STUFF!!!  Even the
really cool stuff you know should be purged if it doesn’t fit the

Clean out your brain and you will play
better golf!  You will learn faster and have more consistency.
You will play better because you won’t be constantly ‘bumping’ into a
clutter of informational changes as you play!  

solid pre-shot routine is a great way to clear the mind!  SEE

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