Pre-Shot Routine, Part V

My 100th blog!  How about that?  Just a couple months ago, I  wasn’t even sure what a blog really was….  Now that I’ve reached 100, I may not add an entry EVERY day.   I’m  quite certain it will be several times a week, so there should be plenty of thoughts, suggestions and opinions for you to ponder.  Send me more questions and comments via the blog or my email and I’d be more than happy to discuss it!  For now, soak this entry up.  It’s the last part of the PRE-SHOT ROUTINE.  Go back and review the other steps and put it all together!  This is great stuff!!!!


TRUST IT!  You’veDECIDED on the shot.  You’ve SEEN veryclearly the swing you want to put on the ball and the ball flight it willproduce.  You’ve FELT the swing that willproduce the shot….   You’ve done all youneed to do.  You’re mind is clear andfocused.  Confidence has been buildingbecause each stage pushes away doubt and fear!

 Now the goal is to simply set up to the target and TRUSTIT! 

 SEE IT –  FEEL IT-  TRUST IT.  Make it your pre-shot routine and it willhelp you play better golf! 

 Keep it simple.  

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