Grounded. Now Move On

It’s really got to hurt losing a championship in the manner in which
Dustin Johnson did.  I can’t begin to imagine how he feels.  I do know
that he should take comfort in knowing that in all likely hood, he
couldn’t have done anything different.  I said yesterday that the
ruling was correct, but it doesn’t mean I wouldn’t have made the same
exact mistake!  I believe I would have grounded my club in that
situation even if I had read the local rule!!!

see, humans are creatures of habit.  The more repetitiously we perform
an act, the more we kind of go on “automatic pilot”.   I can guarantee
you that Dustin can identify a bunker.  With the crowd, the intensity
of the moment, and the adrenaline going through his system, I
completely understand the fact that it never crossed his mind.  It
never crossed David Feherty’s mind and he’s a former professional golfer
not in the “heat of the moment”.  

I guess I’m
saying that we all just need to move on.  It happened and it was
something that most likely could not have been prevented.  I will say
that it probably won’t happen again at Whistling Straits!  So some good
will come from it.  

As for me, if Dustin
takes responsibility and basically says, “C’est la vie” (can’t actually
imagine Dustin saying that….), I’ll be routing for him in the future.
 What incredible talent he has; plenty to win a major championship!

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