Pre-Shot Routine, Part IV

Each step builds upon the last.  Each word gets you deeper into focus and concentration… Each phrase erases doubt!
So you’ve observed your situation and decided on the shot.  See it is the first major word in the routine….  See the shot, see the flight, see the swing… You’re mind’s eye has a clear picture of the shot you expect to produce.  
The next step in the routine is to FEEL IT!  Experience the shot before you execute.  You choose whether that will be a full practice swing, or a small rehearsal swing.  You choose if it will be an exaggeration of a move you wish to make, or maybe just a “trigger” move that puts you in a powerful frame of mind.  
FEEL the shot you are about to hit.  You can FEEL it from behind the ball, or from the side of the ball.  You can FEEL it by overdoing something you are trying to change, or by taking just a small portion of the swing (for example:  FEEL impact with a small motion through the hitting area).  You can FEEL the shot by simply making a trigger move which is an association with a great shot.  Opening and Closing the Velcro latch of your glove is an example….  You see, some great players create a positive reference after each great shot they hit.  After every great shot, they make the trigger move…. After a while, they can just do the trigger move and the body “experiences” the great shot!!!  It’s what I do and it really helps me build confidence!  By focusing far more on the good shots than the bad, I am working on the better side of mental.  My brain stores more memories of the good than the bad because I anchor the great shots and marginalize the bad shots… 
So after you SEE IT,  you FEEL IT as you approach the ball.  It’s a powerful thing.  Eventually, as you SEE IT, you’ll also FEEL IT…. As you FEEL IT, you also SEE IT… This routine has a great way of helping you OBSESS about what you want to do!

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