Kids and Golf

Golf should be fun first.
Young golfers that show interest in golf should first and foremost learn
the love the game!  I think Brian does a
fantastic job in his clinics… He’s got a ton of games and gadgets to get new
golfers laughing while swinging a club!
It just doesn’t get any better than that. 

I don’t think parents and teachers should push kids very
hard.  Give them a place to play.  Give them space to play.  Let them experience and adjust on their own
and your job should be to primarily facilitate fun. 

Now some kids just have that burning desire.  They just fall in love with everything golf
right from the start.  I content that
those kids don’t need to be overly structured either!  They already love it, and therefore are on
the range and course all day LEARNING.

That’s the way it was for both Brian and myself.  Very little instruction and even less
disciplined practice.  We didn’t need
it.  We PLAYED a GAME called golf every
day and through that experience, became competent players.  

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