Gravity Meets Rotation- A Love Story

In sport, when the INTENT is to move something forward, the body leans or falls forward without thought.  Imagine yourself throwing a ball, kicking a ball, bowling, hitting a forehand, etc…

In every instance, you move into your FORWARD PIVOTAL AXIS (forward leg) WITHOUT THOUGHT…. 

So if the INTENT in golf is correct (to move your golf ball forward), then for today’s blog I will assume (with all the ambiguities and fall out that accompany any assumption….) that everyone reading this blog seamlessly falls into their FORWARD PIVOTAL AXIS before delivery of the club into the followthrough. 

Now on to the love story:   

The arms can simply FALL.  The body can simply ROTATE around the FORWARD PIVOTAL AXIS……  GRAVITY MEETS ROTATION

So romantic!  GRAVITY FALLS IN LOVE at 32 feet per second, per second.  It accelerates creating speed and power.  ROTATION blushes at the thought of SLINGING a gravitational force in a perfect and harmonious circular path!

Path Integrity is born from this joyous union. 

You’re golf shots can live happily ever after if you develop THE GRAVITY GOLF SWING!


*If the HEAVE is correct, the arms and body will be thrown into the backswing with sufficient force to sustain the swing. NO ADDITIONAL MUSCULAR EFFORT will be needed to move the ball powerfully and accurately.  The HEAVE creates a SWING.  A swing moves on it’s own volition due to the laws of nature.  It’s all about the birds and the bees, people!

***I very rarely use the word ‘ASSUME’ when I write.  Sometime in my teenage years, I had a professor make very clear the many problems inherent in an assumption.  The saying he so often used-
“When you ASSUME,  Mr. Dunham, you make an ASSoutofUandME.” will be with me forever……

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