Advice for Your Pace of Play

Here’s my advice for slow
golfers:  Don’t be one!  Slow golfers
and slow golf are one of the biggest complaints in the game…. 

 If you are a new golfer, learn
to play fast.  If you have been playing
golf for some time and may be considered slow…. SPEED UP! 

I’ve yet to talk to a golfer who
enjoys to be slowed down by a slow golfer, either in their group, or in the
groups ahead. 

Most slow golfers are in
denial.  Many don’t think they are slow,
and the few that do admit to it have lots of reasons why they need to be…. 

My advice is to play faster!  You don’t have to
rush your shots.  Golfers need to play
ready golf, meaning that upfront you let it be known to your group that it is not
the U.S. Open we will play ready golf. 

you are a little ahead of you fellow-competitor but beat him to his ball, GO

My advice is to walk faster in
between shots!  If you are a rider and
are slow, most likely you are not ready when it’s your turn to hit!  My
advice is simple.  GET READY!
  Focus on what you need to do, and the shot
you are going to hit as soon as you approach your ball…  Decide!
Now you can watch the other person hit, but as soon as he/she makes
contact and you know it’s your turn… BEGIN YOUR ROUTINE. 

Another thing about riders…..  You don’t need to drive to your partner’s ball
and then just sit in the cart!!!  Either get
out (leaving the cart for him/her) and walk to your shot so you are ready
sooner, or drive over to your shot and pick him/her up after you’ve hit!  Let’s call it golf cart management!

For some, playing fast will feel
awkward for a while.  It’s like learning
anything.  Know that you can hit
attentive shots and play fast!  Give
yourself a chance. 

Here’s why I know in the long
run you’ll be happy.  Every group gets
behind sometimes…. When fast golfers are asked to speed up, it’s a no brainer
and easy to do… When there is a slow player in that group, he’s the one that
gets all messed up!  They will either just get mad at the messenger (ranger, pro-shop staff, or angry 4some stuck behind), or He/She will tend to
play awful and ruin a round in their attempt to get back on pace. 

By learning to play fast, you’ll
never be in that position again!  More
importantly, you won’t have the rest of the membership grumbling behind your

 Don’t wear the Scarlett Letter “S” for slow!  

Is that clear enough?

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