Great Minds Think Alike

 It’s fascinating to me that 3
great influences in my life have massive disagreements with each other!  David Lee, the founder of Gravity Golf thinks
that Dave Pelz does a great disservice to golfers all over the world…  Gary Player thinks that David Lee has no idea
what he is talking about…. Dave Pelz is a former NASA Physicist whose concepts
completely clash with David Lee…


And yet they all agree on one
thing:  Lee Trevino is the best ball striker in the history of the game. 

Since David Lee’s concepts are
built upon the physics deep within Lee Trevino’s swing, I declare him the

Dave Pelz’s linear concepts fly
in the face of David Lee’s Gravity Golf principles…  The most efficient swing is an arc kept in
motion by gravity and centripetal force.  Linear forces collapse an arc and force a
golfer to use hand and arm manipulations to keep the putter on path.  It’s these linear forces that are the
predominant cause of the yips in both putting and chipping.  

 Gary Player is a great influence
in golf but not someone who truly understands the swing…..  His disagreements with David Lee are based on
his belief that the great Ben Hogan’s swing mechanics are the best ever.  Ironically, Gary has developed a Gravity Golf Swing (to
his utter dismay I’m sure) as he has progressed in his career…. 


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