Bring Options

Pet peeve:  Golfers who want to improve, but only bring
one club with them when they walk to their ball (from the cart path). 

 You just can’t guarantee that
you will have the right club for any given shot!  Until you are at your ball, you can’t be sure
of the lie, the grass around it, the distance needed to carry the ball, and
other obstacles that will need to be processed…

It doesn’t take any more effort
to bring 3 clubs to your ball!  Having
options can make a huge difference over time, and it just takes a simple

 For me it’s easy…. I’m just not
good enough and or bright enough to know what shot I’m going to hit when I’m
20-30 yards away from the ball! 

 *Easy for me because I hate, hate, hate having to walk
back to the cart to grab another club. 

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