Pre-Shot Routine, Part III

It’s like a funnel of
concentration…. As you go through each step, your focus narrows.  As you go through the routine, extraneous
thoughts (doubt, fear, lack of concentration) are pushed outside of the
conscious.  Many great players talk about
routine as walking into a bubble, where only the shot and its execution are

You’ve OBSERVED the situation
and DECIDED on the shot.  It’s now time
to really get into the thick of the routine!

SEE IT.  Say it
to your self!
  SEE the shot you want
to execute.  SEE the swing that will
produce it….  SEE IT!

You’ve chosen your club and now
stand behind the ball.  SEE the shot
vividly.  SEE the swing you will make….
Can’t see your swing?  SEE Ernie Els, SEE Tiger Woods… SEE what you want! 

You’ll be amazed at how you
improve at this step with repetition.  On
every shot, SEE the action, SEE the result. 

One of the critical results of
this part of the process is that while you are seeing what you want vividly,
you cannot (by definition) think about what can go wrong!  The entire routine puts you in a more
positive frame of mind (repetition of phrase on purpose)!

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